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It seems that my time lately has been primarily consumed by academics that I can’t really remember doing much else besides eating, sleeping, and studying in the library. But I did spend last weekend at a photo shoot in this gorgeous studio.

Sunlight @.@ so much of it

Waited about 10 minutes for that person to walk by the water. Patience is not my strong suit

Waited about 10 minutes for that person to walk by the water. Patience is not my strong suit


I often find myself wishing that I was a lot of things. That maybe, in the back of my mind, I can play the selfish individual and hope for a ton of other things that go beyond the different sorts of wonderful that I’m experiencing now. I wish I were a lot better; a lot less self-concerned, a whole lot more responsible, a whole lot more aware, more eloquent, more organized, less awkward…more (or less) insert-adjective-here. Maybe I wish I was capable of filling every unfulfilled expectation.

And then I realize that there’s a whole lot more to it. Honestly speaking, it’s easy to wish you were a lot more of this or a lot less of that, but it’s an entirely different ball game when it comes to actually making it happen. It means doing a lot of things that you don’t want to do, it means doing something you dislike, so much that it hurts–not in the physical sense but in the entire “my mind and body are rebelling against this out of the norm experience”-sense, but you do it anyway because you know you’ll be thanking yourself later.

It’s forcing yourself to get up and get yourself a glass of water when you’d rather lie down. It’s willing yourself to open your notebook and study for that test when you’d rather sleep. It’s hugging a pillow so tight in hopes of turning your thoughts off because you want some peace of mind for a change. But most of all it’s accepting every little thing that you aren’t and not falling into a sense of complacency that you already are—at this very moment—something, because you and I both know that you’re eons better than that.

If it weren’t for this belief, I think I’d already be burned out. It’s refreshing to be able to thank myself for the words that keep me going. While it’s often convenient to express your emotions through the words of others, it’s a challenge to be able to go back and thank yourself for your own motivation.

Saw these little kittens (twins!) while I was taking shelter from the rain. The other one seemed to dislike me (top) while its twin was a little more forthcoming (bottom).


Thank you Lily! ♥ Sorry this took a while! flipthroughthepages

ps. yes, I’m still doing the palette challenges but I honestly didn’t expect to get so much requests so I still haven’t gotten around doing a bunch of them ;; But I will get to drawing them! Eventually :-“

Wonderful work from my fun-sized friend (as usual). Thank you so much, Oreo!!

I absolutely adore Google’s doodle tribute to Nelson Mandela. Kudos for thinking of a way to creatively present his life and his inspiring words.

What I would give to work with a think tank like that.

You must not ever stop being whimsical. And you must not, ever, give anyone else the responsibility for your life.

—Mary Oliver, Wild Geese (via observando)

(via thesummerroses)

Tonight (this morning) let’s explore my first foray into digital illustration.

I have no idea what I’m doing. 

(But that’s okay, let’s just wing it)


Diane Setterfield, The Thirteenth Tale


Diane Setterfield, The Thirteenth Tale

I hope your page had like buttons without having to go sa permalink :-( :-( I barely look through my dashboard sometimes but anyway, pretty!! <3 I especially love the new title thing :-D asked by 3rd-thoughts

Aww, thank you Vicky <3 and thank you for making the effort to permalink since I totally overlooked that part =))

Playing tourist is something that I love to do (and something that I think I’m awfully good at). I suppose the only downfall I have in that matter is my lack of any actual foresight on anything (or at least most things), like the idea of going somewhere in the first place, for one. 

**I’d like to thank Vicky for introducing this place to me after one of her many adventures.

Sissy and I decided to cut yoga class one day last week after being deterred by a closed gate (shallow, really…but when you have no willpower to begin with, there isn’t any left to save). Over breakfast, we decided (or something like that) to go somewhere and we ended up on a 40-minute trip to Antipolo to visit the Pinto Art Museum.

It wasn’t the art that caught my attention (sorry, Vicky), although it was aptly pretty/whimsical/creepy/disturbing in all the right places, but the layout of the place as a whole. The whole place itself was one big artwork, like a 3D maze of doors or a real-life room escape video game…or maybe house escape would be more appropriate.

I think it feeds into my eternal sense of magic, losing myself in a weirdly laid out place, running around and passing through several oddly-placed platforms, archways, tunnels, and doors. 

I discovered my intense hatred for aural art installations because it did nothing for my hyper awareness + it was just generally creepy. It’s not really good to pair sudden noises with the sound of wind and rain (and we were the only ones there, as if that wasn’t bad/good enough).

But all in all it was a wonderful experience, even after the thrill of doing something so completely random wore off. 

I’d do it again, definitely.

Another interesting Google logo today to celebrate the World Cup! 

Another interesting Google logo today to celebrate the World Cup! 

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